Hot Topic Classes


There are so many topics that just don’t fit neatly into our multi-week or condensed class series. Many couples find that there are specific topics that they want to spend more time on.  We are happy to offer classes taught by guest teachers on topics we want to learn more about.

Preparing for a VBAC – Beth Barbeau

Preparing for Adoption – Beth Barbeau

Understanding Labor and Birth: Refresher Course – Ariana and Katy

Comfort Measures Intensive – Ariana and Katy

Breastfeeding – Beth, Ariana, and Katy

Radical Informed Consent – Dr Elizabeth Shadigian

Physiological Birth – Beth, Ariana, and Katy

You’re Pregnant – Now What? – Mind, Body, and Connection through Pregnancy

Natural Induction –

Vaginal Birth with Epidural – Katy and Ariana

Understanding Prenatal Testing