Our Team

Ariana and Katy have been friends for almost a decade, and business partners for four.  They share a belief in physiological birth, evidence based care, and informed choice.  They also know a birthing person’s intuition and connection with their baby is more powerful than is often given credit.

Their work as doulas in the community keeps their fingers on the pulse of local and current expectations and practices, ensuring the most up-to-date info for their students and clients. Teaching with love and respect has been a passion in their work as doulas, and translates seamlessly into the role of childbirth educators.


Ariana sitting outside in the sunAriana Riegel

Ariana is a parent, Lamaze trained childbirth educator, doula, and social worker with a passion for infant and maternal mental health. She has been attending births and teaching childbirth ed since 2014. Seeing expectant folks take ownership of their birth experiences and flourish as parents is one of her favorite parts of this work. This childbearing/rearing time is filled with both vulnerability and opportunity, and she hopes that parents come through being able to lean into both. She lives in Ypsilanti, MI with her partner, toddler, and two cats.


Katy Gladwin

Katy is a mother, women’s health coach, doula, childbirth educator and women’s advocate.  Katy has been teaching childbirth ed for the past 5+ years, starting as an instructor through Pregnancy Arts, where she learned so much from Deb Rhizal, and fell in love with the laid-back style,  evidence-based information, as well as supporting families to tap into their own strengths and power. She lives in the woods in Ypsilanti with her partner, seven year old son, toddler daughter, dog, and cat.