The childbirth class that Katy provided was absolutely wonderful. I truly don’t think my birth experience would have been as positive without taking this class first. The six week course provided enough information for my partner and I to feel empowered and informed without feeling overwhelmed. She helped us create a birth plan that felt comfortable for us while also emotionally preparing us for a birth that might not go as planned (lets face it, what birth goes exactly as planned?!). We would highly recommend this class and working with Katy.

Emily E

Katy helped us prepare, in advance, for the weeks that followed the birth – my husband and I had planned for everything leading up to our baby’s arrival, but nothing after. Katy talked through the post-partum period with us and helped us set some reasonable expectations for what we might be doing (or, as it were, not doing) once our baby arrived. Looking back, this was an enormous gift to us – Katy helped us carve out the space and time we needed to heal and be together as a new family.


Katy was such a tremendous help to my husband and I. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and made us feel at ease through a very exciting and nerve-wrecking time! We definitely would recommend her to new coming mothers and fathers!

Emily O

Katy’s class was absolutely critical for my partner and I. The idea of labor and birth really blinded me to the realities that I would then need to PARENT and figure out how to soothe my newborn. I did far more research on labor and birth than parenting. Most of what we learned on parenting is from our own parents AND Katy’s exceptional class! We were so grateful to know how to use wraps, what to try to soothe our baby, and that frustrating and dark thoughts can be normal, and when to get additional help! Without her work, we would have been much more frustrated, stressed and exhausted. I am so grateful for Katy’s class and HIGHLY recommend ALL new parents attend.